Welcome to
Kirklees LMC!

Here we are dedicated to representing GP's interests to NHS health authorities ensuring GP's opinions are voiced.

Our Objective

Support & Promote GPs Interests.

Our main objective is to support and promote the interests of GPs and their patients in the Kirklees area. This includes working closely with local health authorities and other stakeholders to ensure that primary care services are properly resourced and meet the needs of the local population.


We are responsible to promote the interests of GPs and their patients to the best of our ability.


We are committed to making positive changes across all general practices in Kirklees.

Expert Guidance

Our team of medical professionals are here to offer expert guidance to general practices.

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About LMC's

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What is an LMC?

Local Medical Committees (LMCs) represent the interests of general practitioners (GPs) at a local level. They are committees of elected representatives from local GP practices and work with the National Health Service (NHS) and other organisations to promote and protect the interests of GPs and their patients.

LMCs were established under the National Health Service Act of 1946, and they have been an important part of the NHS ever since. LMCs have a number of responsibilities, including:

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Representing the views of local GPs to the NHS and other bodies.

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Providing advice and support to individual GPs and GP practices.

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Negotiating with the NHS and other organisations on behalf of GPs.

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Supporting GPs in the provision of high-quality healthcare services to their patients.

LMCs also play a key role in supporting the development and implementation of local healthcare policies, and they work closely with other healthcare professionals and organisations to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

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